Fargo Meets Palm Springs

When you style a photo shoot in Fargo, ND, But feel like your in Palm Springs, Florida.


That’s the power of styled photo shoots and the fun that goes with them.  You may have heard once or twice that we LOVE our styled photo shoots.  Especially when it involves pineapples, pretty girls, and Larissa Loden jewelry.  Um, yes please!


We love teaming up with one of our favorite photographers Elisabeth Eden; a local photographer who specializes in Seniors and Retail photography, and kills it every time!  Not only did  she pack the camera- but she let us borrow her convertible car in these photos, and was able to round up the pretty ladies in this shoot.  Shooting Sr.’s for a living is a huge advantage to creating a long list of photogenic models- so Elisabeth is always our go to gal!  Such a fun team!


Another HUGE part of our Styled Team is Love Always Floral.  Who amazes us with their talent of floral and whimsical arrangements.  We give them our vision and they deliver.  Our shoots would be nothing without the eye candy of Love Always.



I think our most favorite part of doing styled shoots, is gathering local talent, mushing them together, and creating a masterpiece!  Also a big thank you to Star Lite Motel in Dilworth, Minn for allowing us to use your amazing Motel for our backdrop!

pink hotel

I know it’s been a while but our summer is just whizzing on by!  We promise well be around more!  Until Next time and thanks for stopping by!

All photography credit to: Eden Photography



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