Opening Weekend

Where do we even begin…….

Lets start at 14 Roberts St. N – The new Home of The White House Co. & Vintage Rentals


Honestly these last few months have been a foggy, blur of a dream.  A dream that we don’t want to ever awake from.  We are literally chasing our dreams and we have just about caught up to them….no longer chasing them but living them!


You guys…..we just had our GRAND OPENING of The White House Co. & Vintage Rentals and we couldn’t be more excited!  Raise the roof.  It’s been the longest, awaited few years of opening our doors.  To finding that perfect location, hoarding all the right kind of merchandise, to creating a warehouse full of pretty rentals.  Months covered in paint, dust, and jammed packed garages,  basements, sunrooms, living rooms, and a couple out buildings.  And here we are.


Sharing with this amazing community our Love, our passion, our world of thrifted, curbside treasures.


Some of you may be curious on our hours…….Our doors are open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.  Or by appointment.  These hours allow us to switch up the store, add in more merchandise, and create a whole new experience for you when you walk through our doors!  That is probably one of my favorite things is that it’s always changing and it will hopefully always be different when you visit!


We have found our White House Co. Home….the perfect location along with awesome neighbors….and ladies listen to this tip {we are located right next to a coffee shop- one of the best in Fargo- Twenty Below Coffee}….. it doesn’t get any easier to convince your significant other to grab a cup of coffee while you step on over to shop vintage!  It’s a win win for all!  And it doesn’t stop there…..our neighbors to the back of us is one of the best florists in the area…..Love Always Floral.  Every day we walk in to the smell of fresh roasted coffee to the daily delivery of yummy floral.  Being neighbors to Love Always also allows us to create a super fun duo team of event planning.  It becomes a one stop shop!  Coffee + Floral + Vintage = YES PLEASE!


Our new quote of the month has been “Pinch us because we must be dreaming……..”


Were not gonna lie, hoarding some of these goods for as long as we have to create our shop has created a love for certain items, okay who am I kidding all of our items.  And when they walk out the door we may shed a tear.  However, when we greet our customers coming through the door we know that they too are here because of the love for all things vintage and the story that we share will continue carry on with that piece and it will be loved just as much as it was before!


Another question we want to answer that we get a lot is what’s for sale and where is your rental inventory?

Our Store that is Located at 14 Roberts St. N Fargo is our vintage home décor retail store.  Full of Anthropologie/ West Elm inspired décor.  Everything in this store is for sale!!  Happy Dance…..

Our  Rental inventory that we carry for weddings, events, photography props, etc…. are housed in our Warehouse also located in Fargo!  We would love to set up a meeting with any interested brides, photographers, event planners etc. to stop by and take a peek at what we have for rentals and how we can add some personalized touches to your special event!


SIDE NOTE- our OUTSIDE signage is coming within the next week so if you are having trouble spotting us out just peek for Twenty Below Coffee and you will find us {we share the same entrance}.


I am ending this post by a big huge junkers group hug!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  These last few weeks of opening our doors has been nothing but amazing.  Words can’t explain how much you all mean to us and all of the support we have received.  The feedback, the social media tags, just everything has been down right awesome!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Now if you excuse us we have some thrifting to do, and dumpsters to search,  we have a store to FILL! Last but not least a HUGE thank you to our girl Penny from Northern Stories for capturing our opening weekend party for us!


Recreating the story of vintage one furniture piece at a time…….

xoxo The White House Girls Katie, Sam, & Amanda



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