We have some fun news to share!  Here at The White House Co. we have created a one stop shop for all your photography stylizing needs.  Our warehouse is jammed pack with furniture to dishware from vintage to modern!!!  We would love to help make your photos unique whether you are working on a mini shoot, styled shoot, or a commercial .
Amount given in each Level is how many times your rental package may be used in your contract year.
We know how important it is to have unique props for your clients so we have created a NEW photographers package just for you!!!
Level I:
The Beginner Package.
This package allows you to have some play room with your props all while building your clientele.
18 small props
6 upholstered/wood chairs
Price: $150 per year
value of $250
Level II:
Building your Brand.
1 sofa rental
1 large furniture rental
12 chairs upholstered/wood
1 Area Rug
Unlimited small prop use
Price: $300 per year
Valued at: $600
Level III: 
The Grand package.  A staging/photographers dream.  Never get tired of using prop after prop, get inspired.   Let us do the storing for you!
2 sofa rental
2 large furniture pieces
2 Area Rugs
16 Chairs upholstered/wood
Unlimited small prop use
1 free transportation within 15 miles of warehouse
Price: $650 per year
Valued at: $1200
View our complete rental inventory online:
During anytime in contract; a photographer can upgrade. Initial payment will transfer over.
If more rentals are needed during time of styled photo shoot, a discounted price will be given that exceeds amount written in contracts.
Delivery is available for extra charge otherwise photography parties are in charge of safe rental transportation. Level II and III can be split into two arranged payments.  Checks can be made payable to: TWHCO. & Vintage Rentals.  Thank you so much! We look forward to working with you!
We are so excited to share our pretties with you and your clients.  Please message us at and we will get your photographers dream package started!
xoxo The White House Girls,
Amanda, Katie and Sam