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600x200_diybymysideHunting for the perfect side table can be exhausting- you need it to play so many different roles.  Something that can give your home a little DIY flare, sturdy ; because if you have kids like mine they climb on top of everything, cute, and as an added bonus I like it to be easily portable.  Well Folks, that is where this table falls into the category of Perfect!  It truly fits all those needs and then some! This little gem can be found at Wayfair  called the Charlton Home Maginnis End Table. The price is fantastic and it gives one so many ways to be creative with it! When this cute little unfinished table was delivered to my door I had a million things running through my head on how I wanted to spruce it up.  And quite honestly there was a part of me that wanted to slap some wheels on the bottom of her and leave her as the blonde beauty she was.  I was very pleased with the quality of the wood grain and my first impression was a good one!


But we all know that I can’t stop there…..and I need to give her one of our White House girls Makeover…..

I love metal, I love wood, and I love stain.  Heck, lets just smash them all together and Create something fantastic!  This cute little blondie was going to become my industrial farm chic side table all for just $55.

List of Materials:

Dark Stain- Minwax

Silver/gold Tacs- you will see why in just a minute



4 smaller caster wheels {I thrifted mine at a local Restore}

Forged Hammered Rusto-oleum spray paint


Before even putting my table together I took an old rag and stained the top of the table and the shelf piece with a dark walnut stain.  I was so excited during this process because the wood grain was so beautiful that the stain just made it pop!  I had to wait for them to dry so I moved onto my metal legs.


When I googled metal and wood tables, what caught my eye was all the hardware that was in plain sight.  So I knew that if I am going to “fake” out some metal legs I had to do just this!

This is where the tacs come into play!  I lightly tapped them into the wooden legs evenly amongst the 4 of them.  See picture below for details.


Once all the tacs were in place I took them outside and sprayed them down with my Rust-oleum paint.  I covered all the legs and went right over the tacs that were previously placed!  This was my first time using the hammered metal so I was kind of nervous at first because it went on really shiny and gave the appearance of a very fake looking silver.  However once it dried I was shocked with how well it resembled metal!  This is when I start to get antsy and can’t wait to start piecing it together!


Yah!  Both the stained and painted pieces are completely dry- I get to assemble the table!  I have to repeat to myself “patience is a virture” over and over again as I get so antsy to see the finished product!

Lets get this party started–I followed the instructions that came with the table- however I did change up the bottom shelf.  Being I was creating an “industrial” table I wanted as much hardware to show as possible.  So I reversed the bottom brackets and made them visible by fastening them to the top of the shelf instead of the bottom!

It’s time to add some wheels- I was excited and nervous all at the same time as this was my first time adding caster wheels to one of my projects by myself- as I always usually bat my eyes and beg my husband- But I pulled up my big girl pants and gave it a try on my own!  My husband did give me some pointers however- He told me to start with a small drill bit creating a small hole first.  Once that hole has been created to grab a little bit bigger drill bit creating an even bigger hole.  Continue this step until your hole is slightly smaller than the size of your caster wheel inserts.  Doing this will save your wood leg from splitting. Which would be horrible!  Softly hammer the caster wheels in position so they are snug and ready to roll.



Wow!  That was fun!  Love creating transformations like so!  It also becomes a fun conversation piece, sharing with friends and family how you can turn wood into metal!  As an added bonus when the husband approves you know you have done something right!



Thanks for stopping by!

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  • September 29, 2016 - 3:36 pm

    Beth - Wow, that looks great! You did a great job with that. I love the casters and the industrial look!ReplyCancel

    • October 7, 2016 - 1:48 pm

      Katie Schiltz - Thank you so much Beth! Means a lot! This was a super fun transformation!! Happy Friday! xoxoReplyCancel

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