The Ugly Swan-ling


Once upon a time there lived a lonely ugly swan-ling. { I know there is no such thing but just go with it}  It never received the love it needed and everyone laughed at the sight of it.  Poor poor little swan.  If only somebody would love it.  There she sat collecting dust in an abandoned warehouse with nobody to care for her.

20 years later…..

The White house girls received a call from a lady who had sold her building and had to clean out all her treasures that had sat there lonely for years.  We of course were curious and loved the thrill of the pick!  As we had packed up the last of our purchased junk from her she was pretty much throwing all sorts of stuff in our trailer last minute because she could see our passion and love for all things.  That is where this swan came in the picture.  My sister and I exchanged looks with a shrug; having no idea what we would do with it.  But we took it to please the Lady!  That swan sat in my garage all winter long cold and lonely once again.  My husband just about threw her in the garbage more than once.  Until YESTERDAY- We decided that this little swan was not ugly at all- why all this swan needed was a paint job!  In fact she needed to become the GOLDEN swan!  So with a quick “goldening” to her feathers she now is the most beautiful Swan ever.  She lives happily ever after.


P.s. my husband walks in the house and said is that the blue swan from the garage- I replied with a yes and he said “huh, nodding his head with approval.”  He too was shocked by her beauty!! So there is the story of the Golden swan- told by The White House Girls~


Such a good story even our little Kola Bean Enjoyed it!  Crazy what a little paint can do!!





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  • October 11, 2014 - 12:02 am

    Kelly - I love this and I am making center pieces for my friends wedding with Swan planters and I am also spray painting them gold. My filling was going to be different but now that I’ve seen this grass in yours I was wondering what you used. Could you let me know?


    • January 19, 2015 - 3:42 pm

      Katie Schiltz - Hello Kelly! So Sorry this is so late– and I hope not too late- Cleaning out our comments filled with so much junk mail and just happened to come across this– we used oats! Which becomes this super cute grass! xoxo The White house girlsReplyCancel

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