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Ombre Chairs

So just recently there was a paint sale- a REALLY good paint sale.  Pint size samples of any color {repeat} ANY color for .99 cents! Gah.....so lets just say that between my sister and I we have paint coming out of our ears.  So when you have millions of paint colors laying around you begin to look for things to paint!  I came across this super cute set at our local Restore and had to have them.  Just so I could try out my new paint colors. greenpaint

Right when I saw these beauties I knew what I was going to do with them.  Different shades of green!  I couldn't wait to get my paint on!


The 4 colors I used: {darkest to lightest}

Clark and Kensington-Lonesome Vale VRO2OA

Clark and Kensington- Shadows of Time VRO21A

Clark and Kensington- Blue Energy 206Q

Behr Marquee-Ferndale MQ304


I am so in love with their new look- I painted them in the dining room, set them up in the dining room, and pretty sure I want them to stay in the dining room- however-- 8 chairs might be one too many. #problemsofajunker.  So these pretties are making their first debut at our next event in Minneapolis May 16th with Be Crafty!  Be there or be square!




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