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Pumpkin Carving- The Ultimate Halloween Party

Halloween Blogger Campaign Logo-01 Want to be the coolest neighbor on the block and throw the ultimate Halloween Party- Need inspiration.  Head on over to The White Buffalo Styling Co. for styling tips and see how we have created the Wayfair Ultimate Halloween Party.

It's all in the Details- Pumpkin Decor


Our first frost of the season brings that crisp cold feeling into the air. Time to break out the sweaters, boots, and pumpkins. So much fun watching the leaves start to change, and the doorsteps being decorated to fit our fall season. Every year my family breaks out the tablecloths and pumpkin carving tools. We carve our little hearts out and proudly display our pumpkins Halloween night. So with a lot of trial, error, and practice, I have mastered some pretty good pumpkin carving skills. Within this post you will find some of my favorite tips and tricks to carving that perfect pumpkin. pumpkincarving1

The inspiration this year is lots of greens and succulents. I like to take the concept of "modern meets pumpkin". Creating some conversation- not the ordinary pumpkin carving you would see around the block. I like something that doesn't take a lot of time-time is always an issue for a busy mom with the hustle and bustle of life- but trust me- this is one is for all of us. When your trying to put together a party the last thing you have time for is making your pumpkins pretty; but honestly you will have time for this, and it will add so much fun to that perfect Spooktacular Halloween! I happened to have a gorgeous fall day when I was creating- so I grabbed my tools and pumpkins and stepped outside - otherwise I would suggest laying out newspaper or a plastic tablecloth on your workspace {this helps with all the messiness of the pumpkin and speeds up the clean up time}.

Tools Needed:

A Drill

Drill Bits {see picture below for the ones I used}



Succulents- various kinds {real or fake} {mine are fake, as I do not have a green thumb of any kind} Purchased at Hobby Lobby

Moss {purchased at Hobby Lobby}


Time to get your hands dirty. First things first is to cut the top of your pumpkin and remove all the pumpkin guts. Another way we have cut to get inside the pumpkin is to cut out the bottom of the pumpkin instead leaving it a mystery to the trick-or -treater's on how we magically got inside our pumpkins with no visible cutting lines.


Once all the guts are removed this is where your drill comes into play. I attached the 3/4 size drill bit and drilled holes in a polka dot pattern. This process is fairly easy and the end results are adorable. The size of the drill bit is the size of hole it will create. I then grabbed my moss and poked it in the holes like the pumpkin was drooling with moss. I love using white and green pumpkins for this because of the contrast of the orange insides. pumpkincarving20


pumpkincarving11To keep pumpkins from lasting longer there are 2 tricks we have used. One is Vaseline on the inside of the pumpkin where you made your cuts. Or we have also dipped the pumpkin in a bucket of water mixed with bleach. These both will help them from getting moldy and rotten so quickly.

My {#31} pumpkin I quickly traced my numbers with a pen so I had an idea of where I would be drilling. With this one I didn't even remove the pumpkins insides, I just grabbed the drill {using the drill bit pictured below} and made tiny holes following my already marked numbers. I made the holes close together so there wasn't a huge gap in between, then I stuffed the holes with my moss. Creating my mossy pumpkin!



My last 2 pumpkins I created as pumpkin vases to hold succulents, mums, or a plant of your choice. I simply removed the insides and jabbed in some succulents. Honestly all these pumpkins took me about 45 minutes to create and there is so much room to play. I have also seen where they create large holes and even had little fake mice sticking in and out of them. A Halloween party is not a Halloween party without some adorable pumpkins my friends. For other tips on creating the Ultimate Halloween Party Click here.


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