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The White House Co is Fargo’s one stop shop for vintage rentals and decor. Come into the retail shop to say hi or schedule a visit to our warehouse for a tour.

Summer Lovin' + Summer Interns

Summer Lovin' + Summer Interns

Hello, there!


My name is Alexa Olson and I am one of the White House Co. interns for the summer. I’m so excited for this opportunity and to learn the ropes from some amazing women.

A little bit about me: I am a 22-year-old recent college graduate living in Fargo, North Dakota. I graduated from North Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in strategic communication and a minor in management communication. I left NDSU, unlike most of my peers, without a full-time position or a clue what I wanted to do. I do know a few things about myself, though, that made the decision to apply for this internship a no-brainer.

o   I’m a creative soul.
o   I have a passion for writing and design.
o   I thrive in busy environments.
o   I thoroughly enjoy getting to know and learn from the people I work with.

There were also a few moments in my life that lead me to these conclusions about myself. First, I realized early on  that I needed to pursue a path that allowed me to communicate with those around me, and often! (When I was younger I was the child that the teacher had to remind to be quiet. Hey! I just wanted to ask the girl sitting next to me (and six other people) if they were having a good day.) Second, during my undergrad I realized that business, the original major I had picked, was not going to be enough for me. I wanted to learn about the business and marketing world, but I also wanted the ability to learn about the creative aspects as well. Third, I realized that I loved working in groups because I got to meet new people and share ideas. So, when I saw this internship being advertised and that it aligned with my personality and the things I enjoy, I decided to take a break from stressing about having my life figured out and pursue some of my passions.

Most days, when I’m not hanging out at the warehouse, you can find me at Starbucks working on projects and dreaming about future travels with my family and friends. On the occasion I’m not at the warehouse or Starbucks, I can be found binge-watching a new show (right now it's The Office), hitting the gym, or hanging out with my two golden retrievers, Sooner and Baker! (Big OU fan.) At the end of this journey I’m not exactly sure where I’ll end up, but I’m excited to learn and grow through this amazing opportunity.

Hello, I'm Daniel Baumann

When ever a fellow classmate would run excitedly into the classroom during my elementary school years, proudly proclaiming that they got glasses, I was always a little jealous. Not because I wanted to have my own pair, but rather I wished I could experiences having clear vision of the world around me after years of seeing the world with blurry eyes.

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Imagine experiencing every day life in a brand new and exciting way. Leaves for the first time have detail, or you now can see the clouds take shape for the first time. This feeling of excitement, of seeing the world in a new way, have been gifted to me in a way I never thought imaginable. Graphic design is to me what glasses are to those who need them.

School has never been a strong suit of mine. And for too long I told my self that I was not smart enough to be successful in school or in a professional setting. But I stuck with it and along the way I found my passion. It started with my marketing class, I always found my self being more appreciative of the creative side of advertising. So much so that I started to peruse my dreams of leaving an impact on the world through my design.

I am SO excited to  work with this amazing team at White House Co!  The opportunity to see how artistic thinking works in the business world has reshaped what I though possible for my self. I cant wait to see what I can bring to the team!

Orchard Glen Styled Shoot

Orchard Glen Styled Shoot

The White House Co. Turns ONE!!

The White House Co. Turns ONE!!