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5 easy ways to add some Spring to your decor...

Thank heavens the groundhog was wrong and spring has arrived earlier than we had all thought......March has been incredible so far.  Which means spring fever is in full effect.  It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for our Midwest soul.  It's time folks to get your spring décor out- We have listed 5 super easy ways to add spring inside your home.  These steps are easy and as always it's tips that will save you some cha ching ching $$- Rummage sale season is quickly approaching and we need every nickel and dime we can save! 1. Green Grass-  It is amazing what a little green can do- These little planters are fake because that's how we roll and they are so much easier to take care of!  However we are huge fans of Oat Grass- It grows just like this- and you can plant it in anything...milk glass, tea cups, actual flower pots, etc.  and YES-Its just straight up oats {we pick up huge bags of it in the horse feed section at Fleet Farm}  **Make sure it's pure oats.  Click Here for our directions on how to plant.  It's such a clean crisp element to truly any room!8Z8C3823lr

2. Throw Pillows-  We may have a slight pillow problem.  We love LOVE changing out our pillows with the seasons.  This can sometimes get expensive.  However here are a few money saving tips.  We visit our local fabric store Modern Textiles {which carries the most amazing fabric by the way} and buy a grouping of their fat quarters.  The super thing about this is their groupings all coordinate and match yet using different fun patterns and fat quarters most the time are large enough to fit a standard size throw pillow!  Grab your sewing machine and quickly whip up some new covers for those retired pillows you have laying around your home! Another little secret of ours is buying pillow covers at Hobby Lobby when they are 50% off- you can find them for around $5 a pillow.  It's AMAZING!  Also H&M Home and Ikea are reasonable in price and super cute as well!


3. Floral- Add some fun pops of color to your rooms by placing flowers truly anywhere.  Add some floral to those manly deer antlers {your husbands will love that one}  We of course are fans of fresh flowers but sometimes that too can get expensive and they don't last.  So try visiting your local craft store- now a days they have some pretty real looking fakies- and use your coupons-- or watch for the 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby!


4. Dishes- Swap out your every day dishes- My sister pulls out her amazing all green fiesta ware that is so pleasing to the eye.  All that green and spring time = pure eye candy!  One of my favorites is mixing and matching plates that I have collected through out the years; florals, solids, and patterns, anything goes in our book as long as YOU love it!


5. Swapping out your prints on your walls-  This is a great time to call up your local favorite photographer in the area and freshen up those family photos with some fun spring colored photos.  Also by giving some of your frames a new spray paint job by even adding a collection of all white frames.  You can't go wrong with white as it's such a serene sight for the eyes and your colors of choice can then bounce off this freshly painted sea of white!


Happy Spring to You!  And until next time!

Photo Credit: Penny Burns from Northern Stories




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