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and Thats a Wrap- Farm Sale {2015}

One doors closes and another one opens..... farmsale22

This past weekend was a hoot- we were busy as bees prepping our very last farm sale enjoying every last moments trying to saver in what we have created in these last 5 years.  Its bittersweet as we were so lucky to set up a shop in the most gorgeous setting that we were born and raised on- a place we call home.  Our entourage of 7 dogs, 2 cats, chickens, and our horse peanut that would be a part of our farm sale scene.  These are the things we will miss.  Along with our customers who for the last 5 years were daring enough to dirty up their car 3 times a year to travel down our gravel road to give us a visit!


It was starting to get harder and harder as our kids were getting older and coming up a week at a time to set up shop was just not in the cards.  With sports and missing their daddies a week was hard on us all!  We both live in Fargo/Moorhead so hauling our items too was becoming a chore and lots of hard work.  With that being said we were approached with a dream chasing chance we couldn't refuse!  So we are so excited to say that we are bringing The White House Co. to downtown FARGO, ND!  We will be a part of the new Venue development of St. Marks church!  Here is where we will be an occasional sale 2 times a month- hosting a handful of vendors and many other amazing creators!  We also will be concentrating on the vintage rental side of things for weddings, photography, parties etc.  This allows us to put to good use our hoarding problems!  We hope to be in our new building April/May and will share our sneak peeks progress along the way!



I am trying not to tear up the entire time as I write this as this journey has been nothing but incredible.  And it would not be possible with out so many special people in our lives.  To our Mom, Dad, Husbands, and children- our greatest supporters of all- you have stood by us-- Thank you Dad for being our "pew pewer" and fixing the broken, and putting our ideas to reality- for allowing us to take over all your outbuildings on the farm and to fill them full with junk!  Building us an extra storage shed which we managed to fill up right away and still being able to fill up your other buildings {problems of a hoarder}, to our Mom who pushed us, our sidekick at all our sales, our dreamer, our partner in crime at our junking picks, and last but not least the best grandma ever watching our 4 children, our gang of dogs, and always having food on the table when were home- the toughest job of all and you always did it with a smile on your face.  To our Husbands who have dealt with their own houses being full of our merchandise, always hauling and loading something, and for allowing us to do what we love giving us the greatest gift of all- to be home with our children.  Finally to our kids- who have learned not to touch the wet painted item that stands in the middle of our living room, to being drug to thrift store after thrift store with very little complaints, and for being some of the best kids ever, we love you all so much.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing support system!


Last but not LEAST- to you all!  Thank you Thank you Thank you for all your comments through out the years, your support and encouragement means the world!  Because of you all- we love what you do- and when you can say that we are blessed!  Now lets get this party started, and do a happy dance!  We love you all!


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