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Calling all Ragging Rag Rug Fanatics......

rag rugs1 Rag Rugs.....there is just something about them.  Their intertwining colors......their beauty,....their eclectic appeal, is enough to make me want to buy every single one!  So I almost did......along with my Sister!  I bought out one thrift store and came home with 40 rag rugs and my sister did close to the same.  So here we sit with 80 Rag rugs.  So what do we do in a situation like this.  We start making "crap" with Rag Rugs.......

The first thing that came to my mind was taking 9 of these rugs which were 2x3 and sewing them together to make one LARGE beautiful area rug with a price tag of only {$22} compared to one's that I have seen for $100+.  As long as you have yourself a needle and thread and you found yourself some cute rag rugs your in business!! Like mentioned before I found these at a local thrift store.  Again husband looked at me like I was crazy! But little does he know those are the looks that keep me thriving!!


The first thing I did was lined them up on the floor according to the shape and size that I wanted! Next I grabbed a large needle and embroidery thread and went to town hand stitching together the seams! I choose embroidery thread because of its extra strength but I also think fishing string would work wonders as well!! A lesson learned and tip-the extra little threads that hang off the ends of the rugs do NOT fully cut off before sewing together (your rug will fall apart) just trim them up to the knot! Once finished I have a GORGEOUS rag area size rug!! FOR ONLY $22!!!!! And to put icing on the cake it's super Adorable!


What next you ask......we started to recover the seats of chairs!!!!  BRILLIANT! Who wouldn't want a rag rug covered chair!  We came across a vintage table and chairs set {6 chairs total} and we are doing all the chairs and the table to match!  So excited to share the end result with you.  In the meantime here are a couple examples of our chairs that we have done in the past.....


Last but not least..........drum roll please.......a rag rug pillow!!!!!!!! To go with your area Rag Rug, and Rag Rug Chairs.........!!!!!!!

How to: We just overlapped the fringed edge {tacked it down with a needle and thread} and then finished off both sides by doing an overlapping stich {see pictures below}  I created this ridiculously cute pillow in about 20 minutes and my total cost was $2.25!!  Now go get your rag rug sew on!!



Thrifty Thursday.

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