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{DIY} Trophy Wine Stopper

winestoppertrophy1 Just think.....those trophies that just sit and collect dust- the ones that  you just can't find it in yourself to throw  away- -- Well by golly we have a use for them!

This super duper cute project can be done in about 5 minutes.  Such a great character piece- and you are re-using!  Gah!  Love when that happens!

I couldn't get over just how easy this really was.  And I was completely in awe of it's adorableness once I was finished.

What you need-

A trophy of any kind

A Wine Cork- I just used the one straight from the bottle- but you can find corks at your local craft store.

Screw {any kind this just helps get the start of the hole at the top of the cork}

E6000 {glue- can be found practically anywhere- Target, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Menards etc}

People- that's it!


So what I did is unscrewed the top part off the trophy- they usually just screw right off.  This will even give you an end that will be jabbed right into the cork itself.  But to help it out I grabbed my screw and twisted it inside the middle of the cork so it would give me a starting point {don't do it too big or too much because this will lessen the grip and hold of the trophy to the cork.  I then dabbed some E600 onto the end of the trophy and then twisted into the cork.  Wait for glue to dry- and Tah Dah- Your work is complete!

These also make super fun DIY gifts!  Now go and dig our your old dust collecting trophies and get to work!





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