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Only Time its Cool to Be Crewel {Embrodiery}

Crewel embroidery has said to be around for atleast a thousand years. It is a decorative form of embroidery that follows a design outline applied to the fabric. It is used in so many ways!!! From creating elaborate and expensive bed hangings, curtains, decorative cushions, clothing and wall hangings. Recently crewel embroidery has went to several other items such handbags, lamp shades, handbags, and recently growing lists of home furnishings. Here are a few of our favorite designs we have found while surfing the internet.......


crewelart crewel chair

DON'T YOU LOVE? My heart thumps for these beautiful pieces! Click on the pictures to see more about the link!




So after falling in love with crewel I just happened to find one that was full of dust in my mothers basement!

photo 1

I wanted to do something fun with it immediately and only had an hour to spare {nap time for my 1 1/2 year old}. I found a purple pillow in her house and thought BAM! Awesome crewel embrodiery on an awesome purple pillow! Since time was of essence I couldn't break out the sewing machine so I took out my handy dandy fabric glue, cut out along the edge of the crewel flower picture and glued it onto the pillow.

photo 2 (1)photo 3

photo (1)

I think its just darling! I imaging it in some retro camper or some bohemian inspired room!


The Vintage Carnival {2014}

Thrifty Thursday.