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Studio Sale in Minneapolis, Mn

IMG_9089We had way WAY to much fun hosting a sale with Amanda from Be Crafty inside her upmost gorgeous studio in Minneapolis, Minn located right in the middle of The Art District.  And old Warehouse with brick walls, wood floors, wood beams, it was pretty much heaven.  The super fun thing about this sale was adding merch into an already amazing space make your creates that much more pretty. We may have had a couple chairs and globes for sale.....just a couple! IMG_9037IMG_9114IMG_9041IMG_9060IMG_9071

We had twisted Amanda's arm to host a Be Crafty event on the Farm in Thief River Falls, & now it was our turn to scratch her back with a studio sale.  Needless to say we are small town gals and going to the big city was an adventure!


We even had Simply Rosie blessing us with her talent behind the camera!  We truly can't put into words the gratitude of thanks we have when she captures exactly what we do!  We give love to those things that are beaten and broken down and recreate their story making them beautiful again.  And her pictures tells our story- every single step  {2 slights of stairs to be exact but who's keeping track}hauling big pieces of furniture up to the studio,  each minute of lost sleep, and countless numbers of paint strokes all become worth it when you can look back at what you created and smile knowing that these pieces are happy and heading off with happy customers who will love them again!  We appreciate everything you have done for us Rosie- your support and mostly your friendship!


One of our favorite things about what we do is meeting new people and giving hugs to those familiar faces!  You all support our habit and keep us inspired to continue to do what we love to do!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you all soon!  Last but not a least- a thank you to our girlie Amanda for hosting such a wonderful event and letting us be a part of the craziness!  We treasure our friendship and look forward to this creative journey we are traveling together!

All photos are courtesy of Simply Rosie Photography





Farm Sale in Thief River Falls, Minn

We're getting a Storage Unit folks....