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The White House Co is Fargo’s one stop shop for vintage rentals and decor. Come into the retail shop to say hi or schedule a visit to our warehouse for a tour.

Vintage Holiday Pop-up Shop

popupshop Well Hello Again- No we didn't fall off the face of this earth as it might appear-- we have just been Cray Cray BUSY!  We have been having a hoot with our Pop Up shop that's located Downtown Fargo 412 N. Broadway to be exact!  It's pretty much a Dream Come true to be able to say that last Sentence!  A STORE downtown FARGO!  Eeeepp!  We only have 2 weekends left folks to make sure to stop by and say hi!  Grab a treat while your there, stay a while, chat junk, lets be MERRY!  Our journey ends here on the 1st of January as we have a super fun announcement coming oh so soon on our permanent and amazing new location!popupshop6

We are also excited to announce that our Dear Friend Amanda Rydell from Be Crafty has been joining in on the fun and sharing her thrifted treasures with us all the way from the Cities!  It's been deadly to our pocket books because everything she brings is eye candy and truly ah maze balls.


Not only do we have treats but by golly the 400 block of Broadway is treating you all to a real live Reindeer!  Yes it's okay if you scream!  Can you believe it!  We are hoping for Rudolph but we are probably pushing our luck as it's a busy time of year so even Blitzen or Comet would be pretty cool, Heck- just knowing its one of Santa's Reindeer is the bees knees.  So come on down- shop the shops, steal the deals, and come eat sweets!  As Christmas is in the air!


Holiday Wrapping supplies, Great Christmas Gifts, One of a Kind items, Furniture, DIY projects!




The 4th Annual Vintage Carnival