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White House Girls Valentines day {DIY}

necklace3f We wanted to share our favorite valentines DIY's with you all! Here are a couple of our favs:

50 Reasons Why I love you.

This is one of our favorite! We have both made this for our husbands and its not only fun to give but fun to make as well! {oh ya and its FREE! Who doesn't like that!}. So make a list 1 thru 50, and start writing down reasons why you love them! I know your probably thinking 50? 50 is a lot! But honestly when you start writing its easier than you think! Remember to write down the little things, the dorky things, and the things that you love to hate!  You can type it up on the computer, print it out and frame it for your loved one. Another way we have seen this done is grabbing a deck of cards and writing something on each card stick them back in their box and your loved one will have a keepsake that will last forever!  Or an old school way type them as an individual love letter and wrap them up....Nothing is better than receiving a stack of love letters!


Carved initials Necklace Charm:

First comes Love, Then comes Marriage, Then comes.......

Initials carved into a bark of wood- ahhhhh- that's so SWEET!  and SO EASY! I found these buttons at Modern Textiles {located in Fargo, ND} for $3.50.  The best part about them is they already have a hole and come with wax thread {for the necklace}. I couldn't get home fast enough to create these pretties... I grabbed my Dremel tool and carved our initials in the wood {I even made a him & her's version}.  I had to have one too RIGHT!?!  What's cuter than proudly displaying your love for everyone to see!!


Your Heart is always at home Pillow:

Easy and cute for any loved one! Click link below for step by step instructions.



Home is were the Heart is charm necklace:

These charms are found at Hobby Lobby which required no soldering or fancy glue.  You just print a picture and insert it {that easy} but looks like you put a lot of effort into it!


Heart Banner:

I love making banners; they are so easy and dress up any space. Cut out hearts from vintage fabric and cut small holes through the hearts and string them along a string of jute {jute you can get at any craft store/walmart}. And you have yourself a cute heart banner for valentines day. Such a great gift for a mother, sister, or friend {especially when its made with love}!



Picture Portrait:

Okay this one is real easy. But we had to put it in our list because it is so dang easy and such a good darn gift. Take one of your favorite pictures of the year, get it printed out, frame it, and give it to your loved one. Picmonkey.com is a free easy site that allows you to edit your pictures, we recommend doing this before getting the picture printed! A lot of people don't have time or don't think to go get pictures printed and framed. So do it for them! No body doesn't like receiving this gift.



Run Away With me:

Take any map {you can even print ones out on the internet} and either tac it on your wall or frame it. Cut out small hearts and place them were you and your loved one has traveled. I know when me and my husband traveled we left a bit of our heart and love at each place of travel because each place has its own special memory.



Hope your Valentine's Week is full of Love & Laughter.





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