Workshops/small parties

We LOVE a good reason to throw a party! So you are just in luck! Our warehouse can house a small event of up to 40 people. We can stylize the warehouse to any confetti throwing event you are looking for! In-house props are a part of the rental- however designing, stylizing, and some party props are an added charge. We are in the mix of Downtown Fargo, with ample parking that’s an added bonus! Cake plates, and dishes, have no fear- we got you covered with our vintage rentals galore! We can’t wait to hose your next class, workshop, or small event! Click on the link below to schedule your party today! Let’s get this party started!!


We have a minimum of an hour- $100 with the use of all in-house props! *reminder that any extra design or use of some larger props may be rented at an additional charge.