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Beautiful Green Grass

grasszWell if we can't see it outside......we might as well plant it inside....for HOPE.  Hope that one day spring will be here.  I would be completely fine even if we just skipped Spring and went straight into Summer.  I think it is well deserved! photoz

Pictured above is what my parents just received in Thief River Falls, Minn.  Roughly 18 inches.  YUCK!!  So we decided we needed a little bit of green grass to cheer us up!  We have been a HUGE fan of added greens when it comes to decorating!  Something so little can add so much!  My sister planted these at her wedding in a sea of milk glass- it was beautiful!!  So we are letting our secret out!  This here folks is-OATS!  Yes that's right oats. I went to our Fleet Farm and purchased myself a HUGE bag of WHOLE oats.  "WHOLE" oats is the key word and it's in the horse feed section.  Below you will find a quick tutorial on just how to make your own green grass pretties!





WHOLE oats

Planting pot {anything that holds water}

Planting soil {dirt}




First thing first is to find a pot/teacup/coffee mug/truly that would hold water works- I have even planted them in cute muffin tins!  I choose milk glass- I love the way the green bounces off the white!  So once you have found something to plant your oats in you will fill it up close to the top but leaving about an inch to work.


Place a layer of the oat seed on top- pretty heavily- covering all dirt.  Once you have your desired amount of seeds on top of soil.  Lightly cover them with a thin layer of your remaining dirt.


Once covered lightly water them.  Now place by a well lit window to speed up the growing process.  Otherwise just leave where you want a pretty and water once dry.  They grow at a pretty fast rate.  My kids also love growing these because they are easy and fun to watch!  When they get really long we usually give them "haircuts".  What a perfect time to plant for Easter with spring in the air.  *They usually last for about a month* Once the roots have pretty much erupted from the soil pull out and plant again!  Enjoy and happy first day of April!!





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