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If Chairs Could Talk

So I know we have said this before....but what if a piece of furniture could talk? What would their story be? I would love to know the history of each piece of furniture we have came by. That's why we love to say that we "recreate the story of vintage one piece at a time". So what if this chair could talk? I'm sure its been through many families, has seen many fights, many hugs, many kisses. Probably been sat at for many family meals, seen many holidays filled with love and laughter. It still stands tall and sturdy, and you can tell the families or family whom has cared for this chair has taken very good care of it. If only it could talk......... Here is the chair before.......



As you can see when I took the chair seat off of it, it had three layers of fabric already on it! So its been through a lot!

And here is the during {before I added pom pom trim}


And the After!!.......Isn't the pom pom trim such a cute added touch??



Junk Market {May 10th 2014}

Beautiful Green Grass