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A Farm Sale, Junk, & Sharing Our Passion.....

Does it get much better........ I think NOT!

I first want to start out with how we got our name.....The White House boutique....which has kind of evolved to The White House Girls.....


We all came to the realization that our mothers rummage sales and auction habits had rubbed off on us, and the persuasion of others to start an occasional sale.  With a little begging and batting of the eyes to our Dear Dad we convinced him of handing over one of his outbuildings to turn into our little shop.  The house that we grew up in was an old farm house that was moved onto my parents land; which sits on a hill giving it the impression of it being much bigger than it is.  So when people would describe our house they would quote it as being the "big white house on the hill".  Hence the Name The White House Boutique.


After our first sale we were in awe, disbelief that this was really happening.  Who would have thought that 5 years later we would still be chasing after our dreams.....who would travel 6 miles down a  gravel road to come shop "junk".  Well they did, and they continue to travel down it.  Our passion and love for the diy, furniture rehab world just keeps growing.  All because of you!  I will never forget the words of our mother as she looked at us and said "You girls are living my dream, and I couldn't be more proud of you."


We have added events to the farm such as photography mini sessions, events such as Be Crafty with Amanda Rydell, and truly just to come roam the country life is all what makes our sales that much fun!  Since our first sale we managed to easily take over our dads garage, Quonset, and trailers.....so we have even expanded where he built us an extra storage building hoping he would gain control back to his other buildings.


It's so much fun that the whole family does their part- such as our father the fixer upper, our mother who has the busiest job of all {caretaker of our 4 children} and our husbands who give us their support and muscles.  And we can't forget about our brother....although he tends to make sure he has something going on every weekend we are home...we will eventually get  him to build us something with that carpenters degree of his! {love you brother}


We also have moved our November sale to the Armory located in Thief River Falls called The Vintage Carnival where we host more than 30 of the best of the Midwest vendors!  We are in our 4th year of this amazing event where it just continues to grow and gets bigger and bigger every year.  P.s. vendor applications will be available soon.


These photos are making me swoon for green grass and summer.....plus I needed a post so I could share all of Simply Rosie's beautiful photography!

P.s. the wood signs found in these pictures are also made by a local gal Wheat & Beans.  Super talented and so cute with any décor!



Excited to see what this year has in store.......hoping you will travel down that gravel road to come and give us a visit in 2015! We think this year we need to show you how exactly how we get the White House ready for you before a sale....picture 7 dogs, 4 kids, 2 cats, a horse, and us crazy loving junk people emptying out a building- giving  you a whole new experience every time you walk through our doors!  For the love of Junk people, for the love of JUNK!!


Country Living Magazine.....Whhhaaattt?

A Glamper in the Making.....