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Country Living Magazine.....Whhhaaattt?

We have shared it everywhere else so why not share it on our blog..... Heck we would scream this from mountain tops if we could.....

country living

Our dear friend Rosie from Simply Rosie photography was featured on Country Living Magazine's Blog sharing her cute little cozy cabin in the woods that is located on her parents land.  They are currently working on it creating memories in the process, but seriously if it is this dang cute now, I can't imagine what it is going to look like complete.  The awesomeness doesn't end there.....The White House Boutique was mentioned!!  Scream with us.....Aghhhhhhhhhh!  Seriously so so cool.  Rosie was able to capture one of our farm sales behind her camera lens and needless to say she left with a filled to the gills vehicle filled with our merchandise.  Not only did she go home with our favorite farm hutch of all time, inside her cozy cabin houses pieces like our floral blanket, a floral initial M, a rag rug, & more.  It is so fun to see pictures of your past merch all content and happy in their new home.  Click Here, to step inside her most adorable and cabin and get inspired!

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