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From Drab to Fab........our Sofa got a Paintover....

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://thewhitehouseboutique.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/03-1447-post/whg-painted-couch-HD.mp4"][/video] Okay Folks.....it's here....it's here!  Our how-to on painting fabric! Yes we said FABRIC!  In the past we have already painted 2 sofas and 2 chairs using this painting method.  It's a simple and super fun way to add life back into your grungy worn out furniture.  It also helps save a penny instead of diving into reupholstering.  Okay okay enough rambling....let me get to the good stuff.paintedsofa33

What you need:

Fabric Medium {this can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels- either in the acrylic paint section or in the fabric glue area}  roughly $5.99 for a big bottle.  This is what helps keep the paint from hardening up on fabric.

Interior Latex paint of choice- depending on size of furniture piece is how much paint you will need- our sofa took a quart.  We also used satin as our finish- a more glossy sheen can give the look of leather.

Paint Brush

Clear Wax- optional- this helps soften up the fabric at the end.

Fun part begins now- Mix your fabric medium with your latex paint {1 part medium to 2parts paint}  Mix them together and seriously start painting.  Now crank up the music and start your own little painting party.  We usually paint everything from the cushions to the back.  However, on our previous couch we painted  we recovered the cushions with fun alternating fabric which can add funkiness and play off your color.

Please let dry before you sit on it.......I know it's hard to wait for paint to dry but we do recommend this step.  Also depending on your fabric and if you are covering print you may need 2 coats.

Once dry we did a quick light coat of wax giving the fabric a little more give and softness.  And Ta-dah....you have a new to you fantastic sofa!!



Here are some frequently asked questions and our trial and error answers!?

Does the paint or color rub off?  No, on our previous chairs and sofas we have painted this has never been an issue! and we don't see it being an issue.

Does the paint crack?  No, the paint has never cracked.  The previous sofa has been in our hands for about 2 years now and this has never happened.

Is it stiff and sticky?  We will be completely honest, depending on what type of fabric you are painting over it does tend to loose all give and softness of your fabric.  It almost mimics the feel of leather.  We don't suggest doing this to a couch that you want to lay on and take the best naps ever.  However if you are using it as a focal appeal and it's not being used 24-7 then this is a super fun project for you!

Do you need to wax?  You don't---in fact the 2 chairs we did not wax.  It sometimes can dull the paint loosing it's shine that we were trying to go for.  It's just an added step for protection and softness.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns we would love to help you out!  Good luck on your next painting project and we can't wait to hear all about it!

VIDEO CREDIT- goes out to our near and dear friend- who is ridiculously talented Penny from Northern Stories.  Make sure to check out her work as you will want her to be a part of the milestones in your life. Thanks Friend- we are so grateful for you and can't wait to continue this adventure with you!




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