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A Painting Birthday Party...

This past weekend we celebrated my 9 year olds Birthday with a painting party!  Holy Moly did we have fun!  My daughter is absolutely obsessed with art and anything colorful....so what else could be more fun then jamming out to Taylor Swift while painting with a bunch of friends.  So that is exactly what we did!paintingparty6 We started off by designing the invitations-  I have such a hard time spending $10 or more on invitations that have nothing to do with the theme....so we decided to make our own.  I had extra cardstock laying around so I made the shape of a paint palette and then Betsy grabbed her favorite colors and added little circles mocking paint.  I then found a set of 6 plastic paintbrushes at the dollar store which was going to be a great addition to the invite.  Once they were dry I made a template on the computer of Who? What? Where? & When? {but this could also be hand written on the back}  TIP** make sure to note that the kids should come in painting clothes--this way they are ready to get down and dirty and you don't have to worry about messing up their attire.  The stress level is way less that way! We stuck a piece of washi tape over the paint brush...and that's it....you have a super cute invite that gets the children excited for what's to come!



Here is a list on what is needed to host a fun painting party.

Canvases- we were able to find ours on sale at our downtown art store a pack of 10 8x10" was around $25 but you can also find these at Hobby lobby, Michaels, etc....

Paintbrushes- I grabbed a multi pack that had roughly 25 brushes for $7.99

Acrylic paint- You can find these for about $.69 cents a piece- Depending on the piece you choose to paint we purchased 1 bottle of each color needed and we had 12 people painting.

A plastic table cloth for the tables- paper plates for the paint for each painter, and a plastic cup for each painter so he/she can rinse our their paintbrushes, along with a napkin/paper towel so they can dry off their brushes.

The morning of the party we prepped the tables laying down plastic and sorting out each painting area.  I also added paper to the floor in case of accidents.



Betsy choose the Wallace Kandinsky painting because it spoke to both female/male and of course it had bright colors!  The party was from 1:00-4:00 and it truly worked out perfect.  The kids grabbed snacks while we squeezed the paints on each plate.  Once they were all seated I explained what we were painting who it was by and the process of how we were going to go about it.  They were so excited!

painting collagepaintingparty9


My husband was also the master of Italian sodas thanks to the recipe from Faux Martha.  The more Sprinkles and whip cream you can have at a birthday party the better Betsy says! So for the next 1 1/2 hours we just sat around like I said singing along to Taylor Swift, laughing, and painting, while sipping on our sodas- Betsy was in heaven.



I sat in the corner giving step by step directions so we all were on the same page {I first had them start by penciling out the design so they could have a vision of what was being painted}



Once the painting was complete I quickly swept away the mess around them as they were still sitting and we served pizza, the hungry painters quickly gobbled it up and we were soon on our way to singing happy birthday and passing out more sprinkled covered cupcakes.  Betsy then opened up her gifts and then they were off playing for the last 45 minutes of the party.  It will be a fun memory as they all got to go home with their creation.  As the last little one left my little girlie ran to me with open arms while telling me that was the best birthday ever.





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