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Recap of {2014}

IMG_1707 Wow.  Seriously, where did this year go.  It was here and gone.  I swear 2014 was just here!  I guess the saying Time Flies when your having fun-- couldn't be any more TRUE.  2014 kept us busy---we started off our year with the greatest dumpster dive ever!  Truly ----we were screaming-- laughing, crying.  It's a mixed array of emotions!  It was a proud moment to be digging in a dumpster.  We don't advise you to jump in a dumpster....but people!  This was amazing.  We found rhinestone hat pins, old sheet music, love letters, a vintage bike basket, a hair pin leg table, an old wicker chair, old vintage frames, a typewriter, an oak table base....the list goes on and on.  But the greatest of them all was original pictures of the Saint Paul cathedral being built.  We even notified the cathedral and they have nothing of these artifacts on file!  So fun knowing that we saved them from being lost forever!



Ohhh....and garbage throw out week in Fargo/Moorhead.  This is truly a dream for us---it should be a junkers holiday.  We prep ourselves for some good old curbside diving fun.  Seriously---greatest week ever!!  Gah!!

city clean up week- we had to leave them behind we couldn't fit everything incity clean up5

Next on our agenda was spring Junk Market in May--which was a hoot.  It was crazy busy and such a fun way to start off the year with events.


Soon we were prepping ourselves for the first farm sale of the season in June~  such a great turnout and such a fun atmosphere.  We love seeing all our familiar faces and too meeting new ones!  This spring gave us a run for our money as it was wet & muggy and the mosquitos were the size of birds.  That's no joke.  But truly nothing can stop us from doing what we love--so with that being said we took it in stride and made the best of it!  A farm sale is what we had and we couldn't have done it without all of you!  We seriously love your support!


June was soon over and we were already in the month of July--July hosts one of our favorite events because of its atmosphere and people that it surrounds!  We are part of The Red Brick Boutiques show in Ottertail, Minn.


Once our trailer is loaded and packed up we are already anticipating our August Sale back on the Farm.  This event had a special twist on it!  Our dear friend Amanda from Be Crafty was hosting an event on the farm with US!  Her eye candy décor and twist of allowing ones to BE Crafty joined us on the farm.  We were under the lights and so blessed to have her share her talent and cuteness with us all!  She travels all over the USA--so to have her join us up north was way too cool.  And to put icing on the cake we were joined by the oh so talented Simply Rosie photography--from Winnipeg, Canada.  This gal is flipping amazing behind the lens...she was able to capture the Be Crafty event and the sale on the farm.  To be surrounded by these talented ladies was super special and way too much fun!


After the Whirlwind of our August sale we were gearing up for Fall Junk Market in Fargo hosted by Eco Chic Boutique in Sept.  This event had moved to a 2 day event and in multiple buildings.  Its becoming quite a show with lots of amazing talent.



October was a month of fun events where we were able to be a part of the Handmade home tour hosted by one of our favorite stores called Unglued-- they were supposed to arrive on bikes getting a tour of 5 creative/inspiring homes...which I could not wait to see a pack of bikes parked in my driveway; however it was raining so that didn't happen however it was still a fun event.  It was such an honor to be a part of this tour and to share with them my crazy eclectic décor we call home.  Next year I hope to be on a bike getting inspired by others!


We also helped co-host an event called {Craft & Craft night} with Unglued.  This was held inside the Fargo Brewing Co. where we had samples of craft beer while making super fun crafts!  It truly went hand in hand together and can't wait for another one of these events!


It was also a fun year of some really fun picks and great rummage sale finds!  Some that we will never forget!


October also allowed us to be a part of an amazing photo shoot with Rust and Luster.  Behind the lens was the amazing Holly D Photography and Design.  This shoot was to help capture the beauty of Paula's vintage Jewelry creations!  Again-- working in a team of creative people doesn't get any better!  Your imagination runs wild and things just fall into place.



We are now scrambling into Nov. the busy months of all months.  Samantha was now 9 months pregnant.  Cutting it a little close to some major events.  {lets hope she plans the next one a little better...hahaha love ya sis!}  During the Month of November we were a part of an event called Festive Flea in Fargo, Moorhead hosted by Funky Junque. Great show--- so fun when the holidays are nearing and people are getting in the spirit of gift giving.  They were even able to bring in Ki Nausser editor of the Flea Market magazine which is an idol to many junkers!


At the same time {yes we were running around with our heads cut off at this point}  we were able to be a part of a Holidays Home tour where we collaborated with other local talented businesses from Fargo.  Super fun--busy but fun!

We are now nearing our SUPER fun event we host called THE VINTAGE CARNIVAL....might I add that my sister is 6 days past due and the Vintage Carnival is a week away.  Panic mode was starting to set in and this baby needed to enter the world!  Thank goodness he did....Everett Charles was cutting it close; my sister was a rock star; she had baby and was ready to rock!  We pulled off a super fun event with 30 vendors and a sold out early bird!  Vintage Carnival 2015 is already penciled in and we are already looking forward to it!


I am now sitting here beginning of February 2015 and anticipating what this year will bring.  We have already had some super fun things happen and can't wait to explode with excitement to share them with you all!  Our dates for the year 2015 will soon be announced.  We are also correlating with Amanda from Be Crafty to bring you another awesome be crafty event!  We truly can't express to you enough how thankful we are to have you follow us on our adventure!  We are on our 5th year of this dream and we can't express it enough---it would NOT be possible without you!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.....







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