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Favorite Things Friday {Thrifted Frames}

We love. love. love. to buy and decorate with frames!! How do we use a Picture Frame?

We like our walls to talk and what better way to talk with a pretty frame filled with something you love?! Frames can be used in so many different ways. You can fill them with a photo of love ones, a lovely piece of art, a page from a book, a child's drawing, or even leave it empty. There is endless possibilities that can go in a picture frame!

Where do we get Picture Frames?

We have found most of our frames in dumpsters and at thrift stores. Picture frames are ridiculously expensive at stores, and most of the time they are boring and have no character. We guarantee if you go to a thrift store, you will find an old art piece that is half or even a forth of the price with a lot more character. Go home, dissect the print, paint the frame your color of choice and you got yourself a pretty little wall filler!

We can't have enough frames people! They are coming out of our ears!! Here is a few of our frame displays in our homes.

Photo courtesy of The Fargo Forum

Photo courtesy of The Fargo Forum



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