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{Diy} Brick Fireplace

fire5 Finally.....and I apologize about the wait....but here is the over due DIY post on your very own fancy shmancy brick fire pit.  We used to have one of those expensive metal bowl type fire pits but it literally broke right away and just didn't cut my idea of what I had in mind for a fun fire pit.  So after visiting my father- in laws and breaking in his newly built brick fireplace I just happened to mention to my husband that I think we needed one of these!  So for my Birthday he surprised me with my beautiful fire pit!  I thought you just might like to know how he did it....so here is what you need!


Material Needed:

33 bricks with a slight curve to them {would grab a couple more to have on hand- that way if one breaks your in business} roughly $45


Cement Caulking

Bucket of Sand/gravel




Once you have all your materials in place my hubby laid them in a circle so he could see just how big it was going to be and where he exactly wanted it.  Once he figured out the dimension of the pit he then took his shovel and started digging just enough to where the first layer of brick is half exposed.  Digging as evenly as possible he then poured his bucket of sand into the hole, leveled it, and then placed his bricks using a level to ensure a perfect fire pit!  Once you have the first level placed you are now ready to work on the 2nd level!  The bricks he purchased had a small lip on it.  He used a hammer to lightly to break the little edge off the brick so it would sit as flush as possible to the other brick.  He used a cement caulking to hold them down and to create a sturdy beauty.  Depending on the look you like he did stagger the bricks so they didn't line up completely perfect creating the alternating brick appeal.  Lance added a 3rd layer to add extra height and extra depth to the pit.  Gluing those bricks on as well and again breaking up the extra little ledge that was on this particular brick style.  And that's it folks.  After posting to our Facebook page we did get a suggestion that if you leave several small gaps in the first course (use one less stone) the fire burns better, drawing air in at the bottom- We did not do this however and our fire burns great but it's great advice!   So after all his hard work and labor we sat down and enjoyed ourselves a little birthday party complete with smore's and laughter!  I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out and how it adds so much more beautiful character to our back yard! I think I need to host a back yard BBQ just to show it off!  Who's in!?!


Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Summer and Happy Junking!



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