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{DIY} Vintage Tinted Bottles

greenglass5 I have been on the hunt for bottles with a vintage green tint to them- and by golly I have not been able to find them anywhere.  And if I did find one- it was way more than I wanted to spend {imagine that}.  So I said enough is enough- this girl is going to get her green bottles whether I have to do it myself!  I did a little research- searching for the best way to tint a bottle.  There was lots of different ways- some looked to time consuming, others looked just too messy.  I even saw a couple that tutorials that painted the inside by swirling the bottle with the paint which I am sure would work but I had little time to work with.    One of the DIY posts used Mod podge- I for one am a cheapy and I didn't want to use up my expensive mod podge so I used a clear glue that I bought for $1.49.  I am sure that even Elmer's glue would work being it dries clear.

Materials Needed:

Paint Brush

Old containter

food coloring {pictured below is blue- but the bottles in my photos I used green}

Glue- any kind that dries clear

Clear glass bottle of any kind


I started off by pouring some glue into my container- depending on how many bottles you are going to paint depends on the amount of glue- one bottle probably would use about 1 tbl. of glue if even that.  Then I added 1-2 drops of green food colors.  Mix it around until it's all mixed together.  Grab your paint brush and bottle and begin painting.


Adding a coat of glue to your entire bottle.  It is truly that easy.  Let dry.  And Ba Bam.  You have created your very own vintage green bottle!  Can you believe it.  I couldn't either.


It was one of the easiest little projects I have done.  And I truly am in love with the way they turned out!  Ha- in your face you expensive green bottles!  They can add such a cute little piece of vintage too any little nook or cranny.  Can you imagine these as a wedding or party centerpiece-  In LOVE!  Thanks for stopping by!  Till next time Friends!



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