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Down on the farm {2014}

farmsale7Our first farm sale of the season was a huge success!  The rain held out the entire weekend {there was a lot of finger crossing and talking to the man upstairs that helped make that happen}.  Our week was full of mosquitos { I am telling ya those things were huge- they resembled birds and fought back when you tried to kill them} farmsale1

Every moment of opportunity they were swimming in the ditches.  It was a wet week-  {one of my favorite things as a child & that I can remember the most was swimming in the ditches} It was a happy sight- 3 little children with 7 dogs- oh my!farmsale8

We truly couldn't complain that much- our kids enjoyed every second of the farm- whether it was hoping on the golf cart, running with the 7 crazy dogs, swimming in the yard {literally}, catching frogs, picking eggs....


they even found a turtle named Myrtle.  So despite swampy wet grounds and the MILLIONS of pesty mosquitos the memories and laughter over ruled it all and we pulled off a weekend at The White House once again!


A Huge thank you to all who joined us and cleaned us out {hahaha} I laugh as I type that- we will never be cleaned out...every time we have a sale we come closer to the realization that we have a junk hoarding problem....and thank goodness for you all because you allow us to empty out some space for our incoming new treasures!



So fun being able to talk junk with you all and to share your junk loving habits with us! P.s.- don't tell anybody but that dress I'm wearing pictured below {pssstt....We found it in the dumpster!  It was completely meant to be- it fit like a glove! And I got so many fun compliments on it!  So not only do we save furniture we saved a dress} shhh.  Ah who am I kidding- share it- we are proud to be the curbside, dumpster diving chicks that we are~  No shame in the game when you find gems like so!


Oh...and well end on a fantastic note- There is lots of amazing junk left- and some more ridiculously cool items coming to our Aug. Farm sale but....but....wait for it....AMANDA from BE CRAFTY is coming to The White House Boutique Folks and she is doing a BE CRAFTY event!  Insert Scream Here....AHHHHH!  You must check her out - pure eye candy- seriously you will need a hanky to wipe away your drool.  It's an event you do NOT want to miss.  I am not sure Thief River will ever be able to say this again- that's how cool it is! It is $45 a person and you go home with some amazingly fun crafts while doing it surrounded by a bunch of ladies- & snacking and sipping on something yummy {don't forget the wonderful Farm scene to top it off}.  It's a great network and suggest you all do it!  The class is limited so I would reserve your spot as we speak.  Click Here to register now!


You can find us- The White House Girls at our Next event with Red Brick Boutique July 26th in Ottertail, Minn.  See you there!



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