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Summer & Color



As we have been prepping for our FARM SALE this weekend we have been researching and discussing a lot about color.  What's in & what's popular.  While chatting about décor and what we like about certain pictures that we find whether it be through pinterest or a favorite magazine; we have come to conclusion that we like white- plain white- with pops of your favorite color.  But when you get a new piece of furniture or actually put that paint brush in your hand- it's so hard- so hard to paint a really fun piece what we call "boring" white.  We just can't do it.  Summer is such a fun time of year when color runs wild.  Our good friend Amanda from Be Crafty mentioned to us that Lowes has the best colors for spray paint- Do not go there- I repeat do not go there unless you want a shopping cart full of spray paint {that you really don't even have projects for} you just buy because you can't leave without them!  The next not raining day you will find me in my driveway spray painting anything and everything that I can get my hands on.  Hahaha...I mean just look at these colors!!  What colors are you favorite!?  We can't seem to live without turquoise, mustard yellow, and MINT!  Oh so lovely.herman2




So come on out and join as at the farm sale This weekend June 20-22 located in Thief River Falls, Minn.- there will be LOTS of colorful eye candy for your summer eyes to feast on!!  We love meeting new people and we love seeing our familiar friendly faces!  First sale of the season folks- and oh boy have we been hoarding throughout that horrible snowy season!!  Our facebook page will have directions posted and our dusty gravels roads will be marked!  Till then Friends- in 5 days we will meet again!



Down on the farm {2014}