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The White House Co is Fargo’s one stop shop for vintage rentals and decor. Come into the retail shop to say hi or schedule a visit to our warehouse for a tour.


Okay folks- seriously hold onto your hats!!!!!!  We are still in awe- and still on cloud 9 from our BEST DAY EVER!!  We have and still do stalk Mandi from Vintage Revivals.  This girl is a huge inspiration to us- she is the daredevil of all DIY stunts!  We can't even attempt to keep up with her amazing thrifting finds and DIY projects.  On that note we follow her to keep up - on Instagram, Facebook, and have subscribed to her newsletters- just to make sure we don't miss a thing.  Soooooo....I'm getting to the really exciting part....I  just happened to flip open her website.....and wait for it.......BA BAM- The white house girls was the first picture I saw!!! AND AND she mentioned my name......AHHHHH!!  We couldn't be more honored and amazed.  I have been stuck in a rut for a few weeks, not really finding anything great at the thrifts, garage sales have been a hit and miss, and I truly didn't have any pep in my step.  But this my friends....oh boy!  This kicked me in the butt and inspired me greatly.  Our huge admirer again gives me inspiration when needed!!  And also Thank you to all who have supported us through this junking journey!  We have way to much fun sharing our passion with you- and for you love and support on all our social networks!  We are so so excited for our first sale of the season- we have been hoarding goodies all winter long at the farm and can't wait to reveal them at our first sale of the season!  Make sure to join us on Facebook and IG where we will be teasing you as we set up sale on the Farm {links located on the side of website}!!  We have some fun things happening and can't wait to continue this dusty road with you! See you in a week! vr2vrvr3vr5




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