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Junk Market {2014} & City Cleanup Week

Wow!!  Now that that is over we need to let you know what we have been up too!  We have been busy with 2 super fun events!  City Clean up week was in Fargo/ Moorhead {which is like a national holiday to Junkers} this last week and we were busy searching the curbsides and saving the earth one piece of junk at a time!  Seriously it was way to much fun- and a good year for us!  We didn't drive around as much as we would have liked too because of having Junk Market fast approaching- but for the time we did spend - it was a good pay off!  We also had our dear friend Amanda from Be Crafty {you should check her out-she creates pure eye candy} come all the way from the cities to join in on the fun of curbside hunting!  It's so much fun finding things for FREE - making them pretty- and then giving them a whole new life!! Doesn't get any better to a Junker!  There were many laughs, a lot of dirt, and bribery that took place with our kiddos!  "Mom you want to go look for garbage AGAIN?"  This week consists of minimal eye contact with our husbands- they are usually cleaning out the garage or basements and we keep bringing our finds home- filling up that fresh new space our husbands so kindly made for us!  But it's FREE- we keep telling them!!  By the end of this week my trailer was plump full,  garage, sun room, and basement.  Our yards {with our metal could get wet items} was beginning to look like an actual junk/scrap yard!   That's not even mentioning my sisters  basement and our enclosed trailer!  Yikes- city clean up15 10303765_756037397769545_1379066244563032929_n

Who could ever throw out such wonderful things!

Conversation between sister & I! " You are never going to believe what I just found" -Sam

"What, What!"- Me

"I just found a white shell chair that swivels"- Sam

"Stop- just stop right there.  You had me at Swivel"- Me

EEEEkkkkk a swivel shell chair- Ahhhh how we love you city clean up week!

city clean up1

Our vehicle was filled to the gills- and we couldn't leave these behind- so we left a couple of us back to guard our finds! hahaha it was too funny- What we don't do for our junk!

city clean up week- we had to leave them behind we couldn't fit everything in

This was an unexpected find-especially in Minnesota! We are guessing the husband of these has no idea that his wife snuck these guys out to the curb!  But don't worry- we will take very good care of them!

city clean up week9city clean up13city clean upcity clean up 11city clean up 4We might have put the petal to the metal a little too much for these guys- but who wouldn't!  Seriously amazing!!city clean up2

This Beauty! WOW- she is immaculate!  Such a beauty- AND AND she is 2 pieces!  How fun and how great to play around with in a room!  My sister had to fight off a couple people on this one!  You have to learn the tricks- for example she couldn't fit it in her car so she called back up {which was me in our little hoopty truck that our dad borrowed to us} during this time she took the cushions off the couch claiming it as her's!  haha but there was still a couple that was trying to take it but they then figured out that my sister was in the vehicle guarding it and had the cushions! Such a sight to be seen!  Another trick for those who like to curbside hunt- if you see a dresser missing the drawers more than likely someone could not fit the entire dresser in their car- so they took the drawers claiming it and will hopefully be back with a larger vehicle and the rest of the dresser!!city clean up5

city clean up6

Samantha was able to snatch these little guys up minutes before the were going to meet the back end of the garbage truck!  Ufda that was too close for comfort!  I think next year we may have to have shirts on that says "Junk Hero's" and dress up like superman!  Kidding- but not kidding!

With a little paint and love some of our finds become good as new:



So with all that going on - we also had one of our favorite events to prepare for- Junk Market in Fargo, ND!  It was our first event with our enclosed trailer {which by the way was the most amazing thing in the world} and we were ready to rock!  We were able to pack up in the pouring rain and do it all by ourselves!  On Friday we spent all day setting up plus finished off our day by loading our trailer full again with replenishment praying it was going to be a busy successful day!  We had 2 trailers full, and 3 vehicles plump full and we came home with 1/4 trailer!  Whoop Whoop!



Saturday came before we knew it and the doors opened at 8:00! And we were busy as bees!  Eco Chic Boutique once again pulled off an amazing event.  There was an estimate of 4,000 people who attended the event!  It was scary at moments - haha!  There was 50 talented vendors under one roof!  I event came home with some great junk finds { a couple of items I even stole from my sister}! junk market

We are telling ya you don't want to miss the fall Junk Market!  Check out our sweet shirts we also came home with- So proud to be thrifters!!photo



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