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Vintage Meets Modern

A few weeks ago we were contacted by an online representative of One Kings Lane - HOLY MOLY we just about peed our pants!  One Kings Lane contacted US!!!!!  We couldn't be more excited and honored to do a blog post about Vintage meeting this modern day world.  With that being said if you haven't checked out their resource page you should!  They have a great site that helps all of us vintage lovers-become more familiar about the products that we are using to add a touch of character to our every day homes.  We wanted to give you a handful of our favorite vintage décor that we use to add eye candy to any particular room.  Adding some vintage flare to your décor is becoming increasingly popular and it's oh so fun to be on the search for that perfect piece!  Read Below on our Favorites!!zzzzz


GLOBES oh sweet globes.  How we love thee.  Truly every picture that we "set" up to display our merchandise,  every nook, or empty spot in our house has a globe.  Every Sale we have, has to have a globe.  And if it's not a globe than it's a map of some sort.  There is just something about them, the color- or just even the fascination with the world.   Globes in the past were often found just in schools- but they soon surpassed that and made it into many homes and offices.  It has become fashionable décor to have a globe in  your home {I wonder if it's considered ubber fashionable to have multiple?}. "The globe was once a status symbol for the elite, but now has gone mainstream.  We have indeed become a global village."  No GPS system or Google earth will ever be able to replace the feeling acquired when holding the whole world in your hands.  Vintage World globes are time- capsules of the moment in their time.  Their maps share with us the newest discoveries of the time, the never-ending quest for man to seek, expand and conquer." -omniterrum.com





If you are looking for a date on vintage globes, you more than likely won’t find one. Most manufacturers want to preserve shelf life as long as possible. But half the fun of globes – especially old ones – is using your geographical knowledge to guess the date of birth. Boundaries are always shifting, empires rising, and falling which is why the maps are always changing!


Tick Tock, Tick Tock....goes the hand of time.....adding vintage to life.  The older something is the more patina it has,  giving it character all in it's own.  Like a fingerprint- each crack, each chip, becomes that piece of furniture's identity.   Clocks has become a high collectable in a lot of vintage lover's lives.  Down to the tiniest of gears, a vintage clock is a wonderful added touch of décor.  A vintage clock carries the appeal we love, but nothing has changed our world of time, so it can still holds function in our everyday life.  As long as it is ticking it is still working!  Big or Small they make our heart skip a beat! 262284_224995300873760_7300101_nclocks


Yes most of the baskets we use come out of old refrigerator drawers! We love everything about these things. From the metal industrial look of them to the way they fit in any nook and cranny.



An alternative to a wicker or plastic basket, wire baskets can be used in the same way, such as to organize and store items in the home. Wire shopping baskets work well for storing all types of items. They can often be hung on walls to create a wall of storage possibilities such as in a garage. Wire baskets can look more sophisticated and organic than plastic storage bins.



Why are vintage cameras so cool these days?? Well first of all they have always been cool. But secondly they are just darn right unique in so many ways. It is one of those creations by man that blows us out of our mind! How neat is it that we get to capture a moment of time in a photograph? You can look at a picture and you can physically put yourself back into that point of time and feel, smell, and remember exactly how you felt at that moment. A photograph makes you go down in history. And these neat little gadgets carry all that bag of goodies and then some! Can you imaging all the smiles a camera has captured? All the history? Now a days cameras are sleek, all the same shape {mostly} and the way its going probably will be over taken by our phones. We love  vintage cameras for the different shapes, styles, and sizes! They look cute on any shelf, end table, desk, heck even hanging from your wall! Here's a few of our favorites at home




Have you ever heard your parents or grandparent say "they don't make them like they use to"; meaning things now aren't built nearly as sturdy and durable as they use to make them in the olden days?! Well its so true. For example: Lampshades. All the old lampshads are mostly made from a wire structure, and boy do we love destructing them! Their structure is what makes them so unique to us. They come in so many shapes and sizes. There is many ways to display them as well. We have made end tables with a old lampshade.


You can use a vintage lampshade for a chandelier/ hanging lamp.


We even made a Christmas tree out of old vintage lampshades.

christmas tree

They even just look fantastic as a lampshade!! {weird huh ;)}


Who would have ever thought that we would be begging our Dad/Husbands for their antlers!  I am sure this was a shock to them as well!  But it's fun that they are becoming increasingly popular because now we can have the best of both worlds- the husband gets to hang his antlers proud while the wife gets to display them in her home without it looking like a man cave!  We have done a couple fun things with them- for example with the European mounts we have spray painted them all white giving them a cleaner brighter look.  We also have mod podged the horns with vintage ammo newspaper giving it a fun new approach!  I also have seen them spray painted all gold for an added glam!  Another fun way that they are displayed is used as a jewelry holder.  We LOVE our antlers!!




Chandeliers. Whimisical. timeless. Elegant. We are obsessed with chandeliers! All three of us {mother and daughters} have our own special collection of chandeliers. Our father is the handy man and he rewires them for us so we can plug them in making them transitional anywhere in the house. {If you want to try tackle this by yourself here's a how to}. We also have just hung them on old bird cage hangers which works perfectly and you can literally pick it up and place it in any space. From the glistening of the crystals to the elaborate arms and beauty, we love our chandeliers very much.



We would love to hear from you about things that you love to decorate with and something that you find in almost every room of your house!  Thanks for all your support and following us on our White House Boutique journey!  Thank you One Kings Lane for this fun opportunity!  We are huge fans and followers and LOVE your merchandise!

Photos are from the homes of: Katie Schiltz, Samantha Klinkhammer, & Tarynn Christine



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