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Golden Girl Gets a Golden Makeover

So remember when we told you our addiction to couches.....yep this is another one. We saw great potential in this beauty. bamboo0

We call her golden girl because it reminds us of a couch straight out of the Golden Girls {and who doesn't like that}!!

"Thank you for being a friend, Traveled 'round the world and back again Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant."

If this couch could talk it would sing that song over and over and over again. {And frankly I wouldn't mind it}!

Our new favorite fabric right now is drop cloth. Its durable, inexpensive, and the color is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! It pretty much can go with everything, so we recovered them with this awesomeness! We love that the cushions are neutral so we can have fun and play with funky pillows on it. Okay okay so here's the after.......{will be for sale at Junk Market May 10, 2014}



Lampshade Makeover

Some might call it a problem......