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Some might call it a problem......

Some may think we have a slight addiction problem to all things vintage......yes that may be true.....but seriously check out the fun we have been having.......and not one bit guilty.......sofa8z This gem.....beauty.....lovely lady....whatever you would like to call her.......fell into my arms at a YARD sale......YES. A YARD SALE.  I know I can't believe it either!  I have a neighbor who truly has the worlds greatest yard sales with the GREATEST of stuff.  It is truly not your average grandma's rummage sale.  The second I see him placing stuff on the yard I am scooping it out!  There is absolutely no time to change out of your pj's, it is straight out that door.  It's a true story that the early bird gets the junk!  You can't tell me that if you saw this out your front window that you wouldn't go running too!  ..... sorry got off track for a second, now where was I.


This yard sale was about 4 years ago and it was before I was doing "The White House Boutique" stuff.  So I called my mom and talked HER into buying it!  It was great how all that worked out!!  I had it in my house for a few weeks before she picked it up and feel in love.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I knew that I would be able to see it here and there when I would go home.  Every time I went home, every time I saw my mom, every time we would come across another nice couch I would try to persuade my mom that she needed a new couch and that I knew somebody who would gladly take her tufted couch off her hands!  After a few years of persuading I WON.....My mother found a new couch and I could finally have this darling of a sofa back in my life!  So she sits in our TV room pretty as can be; she even has received a new paint job today!  A fresh coat of white paint which gives her the finishing touch she needed.  Some may say that my sister and I have a slight addiction to furniture, especially couches!  As of right now I currently have 7 couches in my house {yikes} I would say I have a couple too many, and yes sad to say that some of them will be for sale this summer.  It's just part of the cycle of our rotating furniture!  Man I love this business!

Couch #2 this rarrrish Vintage CHESTERFIELD leather tufted couch was too found at my neighbor's yard sale!  Can you believe it!!



And how could I forget about this one........She too was a yard sale find.....ohhhh be still my heart!  I couldn't load this one into my house fast enough!  AND AND my husband Likes this one!  Now that is a definite bonus!



Drum Roll.....here are a few of my sister's lovelies......


I know right.....gag me with a rubber spoon!  Now to tease you with sofas that we have revamped and resold....It was so hard to let these go, but so fun to see them relive a new loved life!!



Well thanks for taking the time to listen to our true confessions of vintage sofas.  Make sure to stop on by again because I am sure it won't end here......till next time!












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