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No Sew State Pillow {DIY}

pillowfinal What You Will Need:


-Fabric (recommend something thicker)/{burlap}

-Fabric Glue



-Computer/ Maps



First pick out your state for your pillow. You can google "state outline" for your state and it will come up in images, right click the image and "save as".


Next print this bad boy out and cut out the state by following the lines. Then you lay your state stencil onto a piece of fabric of your choice (I love using burlap because it is flexible, cheap, easy to use, and goes with almost anything). Trace it with a marker or pen. {Make sure the state is laying the opposite way so that when you cut it out if there are any pen/marker marks these will not appear right side on the pillow}. After tracing cut the state out with the scissors.


I'm not the best sewer, so when I saw that there is fabric glue (available at any craft store or Walmart) I just had to get it. Trace the outline of the state {opposite side of facing state} with fabric glue and all over the inside of the state. Press the state onto the pillow {I positioned my state into the middle of my pillow}, and allow to dry.

Cut out a small heart from red fabric and glue it onto the area were your hometown is located! Let dry, then hoa-loa your finished! I can't wait to make more of these and get more creative with colored fabric, chevron, and stripes! So fun! Happy creating!





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