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Piece of Cake

cake201 Shhhhh......our Secret is out!  The greatest most delicious recipe known to man-kind.  Seriously....this is the most scrumptious cake you will have ever put in your mouth!  & it is your lucky day because we are sharing this recipe with you!! We usually don't post recipes but this one was worthy enough to post!  As we were growing up our family called it "Better than Robert Redford Cake" my daughter had no idea who we were talking about so we gave it a new name....it is now called "Better than Keith Urban Cake".  And Yes, it's that good~ My daughter just celebrated her 8th Birthday and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted & you guessed it!  It was this deliciousness!! This would score some major {love} points by surprising that Loved one on any occasion!  Pssssttt.....Valentine's day is fast approaching- you'll thank us Later!



Chocolate Cake mix {My husband's Grandma Betty shared her secret that the best cake mix is: Betty Crocker super moist mix.  I think it just might be the name she likes}

Sweetened condensed milk

Butterscotch Carmel {Mrs. Richardson's -this is the KEY ingredient}

Cool Whip

Health toppings

Okay lets get this show on the road.......

Step 1: prepare cake in a 9x 13' pan per directions on box.


Bake and let cool.

As you are waiting for the cake to cool; mix together the oh so delicious sweetened condensed milk and the butterscotch Carmel together. {My kids love this part because they get to lick the spoons after we mix it}



Once your cake is completely cooled you will poke holes through the entire thing.  We usually grab a wooden spoon and use the end of it!  The reason why we do this step is because we will be pouring our caramel mixture over this and these holes will allow the  caramel to soak into the cake! YUM!


We are almost done!  Pour the caramel over the holes.  Let sit for about 5 minutes giving it time to soak in!


Spread Cool Whip over the top which serves as the perfect frosting!  This last step is optional but we like to add some of the crunched up health bar to the top for some added goodness!



You are probably going to want to pin this for later! You would be crazy not to!

Happy Baking our Dear Friends!




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